Real estate.

Film with drone
Film in-house
Length video
Social Media Trailer
Subtitles and Graphics
Royalty free music
Color Grading
Sound Design
 Drone photo’s
Personal Logo

Drone only


1,5 hour

circa. 45 sec.


full house


2 hours
4 hours
circa. 2 min.




8 hour
circa. 3 min.


A visual mood and feeling.

Videos are the future! Online video content has achieved a prominent status: It draws the attention of the viewer. It is also a very powerful marketingtool on social media platforms as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. 

A big part of buying a house is based on mood and feeling. We can convey these two components in a perfect way, using the force of video. Our strength is communicating the USP and true emotions of the house. These elements lead to that instant feeling of being in love with a house. We focus on the perfect suitable music, clear visuals and impressive drone perspectives. 

How we work.

One correction round per video is included in each package. 

The package Full House is based on a max. surface of 350 m2.

Quick delivery is possible (<24 hours) in consultation.  

All prices shall be exclusive of VAT or other similar taxes.


The first thing we do is talk about your ideas . Who is your target group and what are the USP of the house? We create a video concept you and your client will love. 


With the concept in mind we film al the footage in and around the house we need to create a perfect video. We can focus on the highlights of the house or include all of the rooms. 


Post-production involves all stages after recording. Adding smooth transitions, color-grading and sound effects lead to a nice viewing experience. Everything to make your video stand out on Funda or other social media platforms. 


In seven days we will send your the first draft and give you one correction round so we can make the final changes. After that, your video is done and ready to be shown to the world. Let’s sell this dream house!